Wired Flute Studio is located in Mueller (East-Central Austin). Lessons are held in a large professional recording studio on the 2nd floor of a private residence.


Wired Flutes Studio provides private flute lessons, flute rental and studio recording for all ages and levels in a private residence located in the Mueller Development in Central Austin. Lessons are typically held weekly. Contact me if you wish a different schedule such as bi-monthly or monthly options.


During a typical lesson, students practice along side with me the fundamentals of flute playing, the basics of music theory and learn a piece of the classical repertoire. Once the piece is learned, it is recorded during the lesson and saved for the final album.

LESSON MATERIAL or what you need to bring at your flute lesson:

  • Flute (your own or Wired Flutes’ rentals)
  • Wired Flutes Studio Binder (you will get one at your first lesson)
  • A pencil, your metronome
  • Your methods, flute music


  • Trevor Wye Beginner’s Book for the Flute PART 1, PART 2
  • Philippe Bernold, La technique d’Embouchure
  • Taffanel et Gaubert, Excercices journaliers


Wired Flutes studios offers monthly packages that can includes flute rental options. Please inquire about flute rental at your trial lesson to check for availabilities. Check packages price on our price list here:


A trial lesson is necessary to know if Wired Flutes Studio is the right flute studio for you. Curriculum, repertoire, teacher’s expectation, method, location are important factors that will determinate if you want to pursue instruction at Wired Flutes after you take your trial lesson.


At the end of the year, Wired Flutes Studio provides each students with a professional studio album recording of the pieces they have been working on on a weekly basis throughout the entire year. Wired Flutes Studio is equipped with a professional studio recording setup and all the tools necessary to practice, learn and record each student’s progress. Professional recording offers many benefits to my students such as direct  feedback in addition to the teacher’s feedback. Moreover, the final album provides for a permanent trace of the student’s progress as well as a lifetime of memories to share with friends and family members. Digital and physical copies are available.


Baroque Flutist (1st year student): Duration of the lesson: 30 minutes – $25

1. Tone production. Students learn to properly produce a pure tone in tune on the flute including a precise attack with a clear articulation, a rich tone and a release for a duration of a whole note at a moderate tempo. First and second registers only.

2. Finger technique. With key plugs on, students learn most of the 24 notes of the first and second registers. 5 and 7-note-scales in Major modes: C, G, D, F; Major arpeggios. Tempo up to 100 bpm for slurred and tongued notes.

3. Music Theory. Basics of music theory such as sightreading major rhythms, 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, tempo relationships, key signatures, intervals and scale elements, ear training and singing the score.

4. Repertoire. Easy and short movements from any Suite, Sonata, Duet from the Classical music and Folk music repertoire such as BACH, HAENDEL, RAMEAU.

Classical Flutist (2nd year student): Duration of the lesson: 30 minutes – $25

1. Tone production. Students learn to slur octaves with the 3 major dynamics (p-mf-f) in the 3 registers. Introduction to vibrato. Intonation extend to diads (Octave, fifth). Students learn to control dynamic changes over a musical phrase.

2. Finger technique. Students learns to refine the placement of each finger on the cups by removing the 5 plugs one by one. 3rd register and minor modes are introduced to the students. Scales of A, E, B, Bb, Eb, Ab Major, a, e and d minor and chromatic scales. Major Arpeggios. Tempo up to 100 bpm.

3. Music Theory. New time signature: 9/8, 12/8 and 2/2. Basic score analysis is explored such as b.i. (basic ideas), musical genres and forms

4. Repertoire. Easy and intermediate movements from any Suite, Sonata, Duet from the Classical music and Folk music repertoire. SAINT-SAENS, COUPERIN, BEETHOVEN, QUANTZ, VIVALDI.

Romantique Flutist (3rd year student): Duration of the lesson: 45 min – $37.50

1. Tone production. Students have acquire a solid control over their embouchure. They will develop a direct link between their tone and their interpretation. Their tone control will enable them to create different characters and mood in the music they are playing.  Introduction to double tonguing.

2. Finger technique.  Students play without the help of key plugs unless they are necessary for physiology needs. Trills, turns, mordants, tremolo, broken arpeggios are explored and practiced. Tempo up to 120 bpm.

3. Music Theory. New time signature: 5/8, 7/8. Triad structures, key areas are explored. Analysis of musical phrases, rhythmic patterns and pitch collections.

4. Repertoire. Entire works are studies such as 3 movements Concertos or Baroque Suite. J.S. BACH, TELEMANN, MOZART, BEETHOVEN, FAURE.

Impressionist Flutist: (4th year student) – Duration of the lesson: 1 hour – $50

1. Tone production. double tonguing is mastered and introduction to triple tonguing. Introduction to throat tuning and extended technique.

2. Finger technique.  New scales: Whole tone and octatonic scales/arpeggios. Tempo up to 160 bpm. Introduction to alternate fingering useful for better the intonation, fast passages and timbral effects.

3. Music Theory. Composed time signatures are studied and practiced. Cadential points and chord progressions are analyzed.

4. Repertoire. Entire works are studies such as 3 movements Concertos or Baroque Suite. DEBUSSY, CLARKE, MARTINU, PROKOFIEV.


For students that prepare for auditions and competitions, Wired Flutes Studio offers the possibility to schedule recording sessions, audition tapes and mock auditions.